IOT Projects |Top Raspberry Pi based IOT project Ideas for 2019

IoT in 2019 is really a booming for both jobs and education R&D sector. Its wide range of use-cases  fits into the engineering  domains of  ECE ,CSE, EE and IT. Technologies related to IOT are very exciting in terms of new learning’s and also for job opportunities. If we opt for a final year IoT project, then we can explore latest niche technologies . Students can also do IoT related R&D activities during Masters and further studies.Raspberry Pi is the most sought device for executing cool final year IoT Projects. So we have curated the Top 25 Raspberry Pi Based IOT projects for 2019 . These topics will make your Final Year Project a huge success.


IOT Projects for Security Systems

1. Wireless Biometric Lock with Face Recognition using Raspberry Pi with IoT in Azure Cloud

This IOT project is for those who wants to explore IOT based security Systems domain. Facial recognition and cloud based data analysis are  the key takeaways from this IOT Project . Raspberry PI should be the go to Micro controller for this kind of Image Processing related projects. The cost to processing power ratio will be quite high with Raspberry PI. This project idea suits ECE,CSE students  who wants to take up Cloud based Image Processing as an career option in future.

2. Raspberry PI based IOT Security and Surveillance System with Motion OS

In this project, you will learn how to build a motion detection camera that you will be able to use as a camera trap, a pet/baby monitor, a security camera, and much more. The best part of this project is that its remotely controlled via IOT and you also learn basic Image processing through it.

Raspberry Pi based IOT Security and Surveillance System with motion OS -PART 1

IOT Projects for Home Automation

3. Voice Controlled IOT Home Automation Using IFTTT,Google Assistant and Raspberry Pi

IoT technology is an important components of future Smart Homes. This projects enables you to create a DIY smart home with voice controlled environment.Home Automation is a booming industry . Both Hardware and software knowledge is very essential for pursuing a career in Home Automation Industry.ECE and CSE final year students can learn IoT technologies like IFTTT, Google Assistant through this project . Raspberry Pi used as a SBC gives you a better hardware exposure.

4. Whatsapp Based smart home assistant using Raspberry Pi and IOT

Now a days every body is very familiar with Whatsapp.So thought of designing an IOT home assistant based on Whatsapp. Through solution you chat with your appliance, give commands and set routine. We can also monitor appliance and control them using Whatsapp chat . Its an unique IoT project idea for people who wants to explore fresh project topics. Raspberry Pi paired with sensors and relays can talk to you via Whatsapp using IOT services.

5. IOT based PM2.5 and PM10 Air Quality Monitoring System with Raspberry Pi and Gas sensors using ThingSpeak IOT Platform

Air Pollution is a global problem. Air quality monitoring is an essential part air pollution control. IOT based Smart Air Quality monitoring system to check particulate matter (PM),harmful gases,humidity, temperature, altitude and pressure levels. Various environmental conditions are analyzed using specific sensors and Raspberry PI MCU and displayed via ThingSpeak IoT  platform. This project is a good one for Final Year ECE student.

6. IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID , Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT Platform

Getting a parking is a very common problem of city list.Presently  parking lot allotment is problem and requires human intervention .Through the Iot project we are proposing a Cloud(AWS) based automated Parking system. It enables drivers to find free parking lots and navigate to parking lot. RFID fitted to the car will  be used for car identification and parking bill management  .This is an awesome IOT project idea . It will be very interesting as has both hardware( Raspberry Pi) and GUI knowledge.

7. IoT Based Smart Street Light Management System with Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Azure Cloud

Energy consumption and management is a uphill task for meeting the energy requirements of the future generation. In country like India, a lot of electricity is wasted due to improper use of street lighting system.We can use an IOT based  smart  street lighting solution in India to optimize the energy consumption. The system will monitor usage pattern and measure ambient light to optimize street light usage  . This IOT project will be using Raspberry Pi , ambient light  sensor and proximity sensor to design the system and data will be monitored via Microsoft Azure Cloud.

8. IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System with Raspberry Pi and ThingSpeak IoT Platform

Healthcare is a very important aspect of human life.People in most cities lead an unhealthy lifestyle and they prone to various lifestyle disorder. Now a days the pace of life is so high that people neglect healthcare. They often end up having health problems that could be easily avoided by health parameter monitoring at proper time. Hence this final year project is proposing a Smart Healthcare monitoring solution .It will autonomous monitor critical health parameters like temperature,blood pressure, heart beat and send data to doctors at weekly intervals for health checks. Basic health checks including ECG can also be done . This IoT project uses Raspberry Pi, ECG , heart rate sensor that help doctors to monitor patient  data remotely via Thingspeak IoT Platform.

9. IoT Based Smart Agriculture and Irrigation System using GSM , GPRS, Raspberry Pi and Thingspeak IoT platform

India has very large agriculture based economy.Improper Irrigation techniques at to the worries of the Indian farmers. So if we help them with technology then they can properly use the irrigation resources. This IoT Project will help farmers to control there irrigation pumps autonomously from remote locations .Farmers will get real-time weather data in form of SMS . The system will use humidity , moisture, temperature sensors and process them via Raspberry Pi in Thingspeak Platform.

10. IoT based Garbage Monitoring System using Thingworx IOT platform and Raspberry Pi

Waste Management is a common problem developing nations. Every year huge amount of garbage is generated in populous country like India. Most of these wastes are not managed properly . If we collect wastes at properly then they do not litter and cause further pollution. IOT can help us to collect waste efficiently and effectively. Garbage cans fitted with IR and Weight sensors , once filled can alert Civic authorities using IOT technologies. We can use Thingworx IOT platform and Raspberry Pi to create IoT projects ,that can do proper waste management.


11. IOT based Dam Water Level monitoring & Alerting System with Raspberry Pi and ThingSpeak

India has quite a few numbers of large dams. Lakhs of people stay near the dam basin. Flooding of these places due to Dam over flow is a very common problem. If water authorities  get real-time info about dam water levels and inflow , then they can take timely decision to save people from man made floods. IoT system can be used to monitor Dam water levels and Inflow and alerts authorities about threats. Thingspeak is very capable platform to execute this IOT project idea. We can use Raspberry Pi ,depth sensor, flow meters to design the system and send data to water authorities via IOT

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